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Professional Contestants

Jan 16, 2023

Once a year you may find yourself looking at the sky and you'll notice that all the stars have gone. Well that's because they're all down here with us... but they're at the Golden Globes or the Oscars or something. They're DEFINITELY not at this boring basement house party that the USA Network filmed and called a game show. But with a little help from these three party boys, we just may be able to make this party a hit.

Zach won a regional community theatre award, Jared claims he ate an olive, and Adam hasn't seen East of Eden.

Talking Points Include: The Stars Are Here With Us, The Jackie Chan Award, Click Clack Moo, Basement Party Vibes, Brad Pitt Eats The Train, Ice Sculpture Party Logistics, Wordle With The Taliban, Casey Kasem Got bin Laden, Cajun Shrek